About us

Plus Company is a unique partnership of forward-thinking creative agencies.

We unabashedly believe that anything is possible.

For our clients, we deliver a positive impact on their business :

faster time to market

less bureaucracy to navigate

no end to creative magic-making

We are an entrepreneurial network.

Not a holdco, a consortium, an ecosystem, a collective, or anything else.

Map network

3000 employees

27 offices

13 countries

Unlimited possibilities

Our agencies collaborate with each other.

They don’t compete.

Plus Company has reimagined the way to deliver the most creative and effective results for our clients. Each uniquely resourceful agency is empowered to bring its own brand of agility, vision and creativity to the table. And all agencies are made stronger by their complementary expertise.

We enable from below.

We don’t dictate from the top.

Emphasizing collaboration, we empower our people to do what they do best while supporting each other to do it even better.

  • Brett Marchand, CEO
    Plus Company

  • Martin Faucher, Chief Financial Officer
    Plus Company

  • He Shen, Chief Development Officer
    Plus Company

  • Holly Zheng, Vice Chair
    Plus Company

  • Nathan Oliver, Chief Growth Officer
    Plus Company

  • Nick Cowling, CEO
    Citizen Relations

  • Mélanie Dunn, President and CEO
    Cossette, Plus Company

  • Joseph Leon, Chair of the Innovation Group
    Plus Company

  • Nathan McDonald, Group CEO & Co-Founder
    We Are Social

  • Ethan Hays, GM

  • Peter Bolt, EVP, Managing Partner
    Camp Jefferson

  • Sarah Bundy, Founder & CEO
    All Inclusive Marketing

  • Maxime Duchesne, Director
    Impact Research

  • Cindy Drown, Managing Partner
    Jungle Media

  • Sébastien Moise, VP Principal, DG

  • Pete Lin, Regional Managing Director, North Asia / We Are Social

    Pete Lin
  • Rebecca Coleman, President and CEO
    We Are Social, The Narrative Group

    Rebecca Coleman
  • Sandra Giguere, Global General Counsel
    Plus Company

  • Akanksha Goel, Vice President and Regional Lead Middle East and India
    We Are Social, Plus Company

    Akanksha Goel
  • Brian Whipple, Plus Company Board Chair
    Plus Company

    Brian Whipple
  • Jason Harris, Co-Founder & CEO

    Jason Harris
  • Gabriele Cucinella, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

    Gabriele Cucinella
  • Stefano Maggi, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

    Stefano Maggi
  • Ottavio Nava, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

    Ottavio Nava
  • Jim Coleman, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead UK and North America
    We Are Social, Plus Company

    Jim Coleman
  • Michael Girard, Senior Vice-President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
    Plus Company

    Michael Girard
  • Sujal Patel, Chief Technology Officer
    Plus Company

    Sujal Patel
  • Michael Cohen, Chief Data & Analytics Officer
    Plus Company

    Michael cohen
  • Alex Côté, Chief Product Officer
    Plus Company

    Alex cote
  • Nabil Taydi, President, Munvo

    Nabil Taydi
  • Jessica Burgess, Vice-President, Business Lead