About us

A new model for agency networks.

Plus Company is the first agency network designed from a client’s perspective. Like other networks, its agencies offer a broad range of marketing services, award-winning creative ideas, deep digital expertise, and a global footprint. But that’s where the similarities end.

Built for teamwork

Plus Company was uniquely designed to make interagency collaboration fluid and productive. Modern brands rely on their agencies to create remarkable customer experiences that are truly integrated—all of which is undermined when there’s a lack of unity among the agencies themselves. 

  • Centralized leadership and resourcing

    One point of contact, one negotiation, and one contract

  • Teams work from a single brief and shared goals

    Truly connected effort across owned, paid, and earned media

  • Agencies rewarded for impact and collaboration

    Financial incentives aligned to your satisfaction and success

  • Flexible staffing model across agencies

    Dedicated always-on core team augmented with on-demand specialists

The un-network network

Traditional agency networks tend to be top-down, heavy-handed, and bureaucratic. Fresh, original thinking doesn’t easily flourish under those conditions, so Plus Company takes a contrarian approach: our agencies are given the trust, support, and resources they need to nurture an independent spirit and creative culture.

  • BrettMarchand

    Brett Marchand, CEO
    Plus Company

  • MelanieDunn

    Mélanie Dunn, President and CEO
    Cossette, Plus Company

  • Brian Whipple

    Brian Whipple, Plus Company Board Chair
    Plus Company

  • MartinFaucher

    Martin Faucher, Chief Financial Officer
    Plus Company

  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris, Co-Founder & CEO

  • HollyZheng

    Holly Zheng, Vice Chair
    Plus Company

  • HeShen

    He Shen, Chief Development Officer
    Plus Company

  • NathanOliver

    Nathan Oliver, Chief Growth Officer
    Plus Company

  • YvesBehar

    Yves Behar, Founder and CEO

  • BenitaMeswania

    Benita Meswania, Chief People Officer
    Plus Company

  • CourtneyBuechert

    Courtney Buechert, CEO

  • NickCowling

    Nick Cowling, CEO
    Citizen Relations

  • JosephLeon

    Joseph Leon, Chair of the Innovation Group
    Plus Company

  • NathanMcDonald

    Nathan McDonald, Group CEO & Co-Founder
    We Are Social

  • PeterBolt

    Peter Bolt, EVP, Managing Partner
    Camp Jefferson

  • Sandra

    Sandra Giguere, Global General Counsel
    Plus Company

  • Michael Girard

    Michael Girard, Senior Vice-President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
    Plus Company

  • SarahBundy

    Sarah Bundy, Founder & CEO
    All Inclusive Marketing

  • MaximeDuchesne

    Maxime Duchesne, Director
    Impact Research

  • Gabriele Cucinella

    Gabriele Cucinella, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

  • CindyDrown

    Cindy Drown, Managing Partner
    Jungle Media

  • SebastienMoise

    Sébastien Moise, VP Principal, DG

  • Ottavio Nava

    Ottavio Nava, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

  • JaniceLIu

    Janice Liu, Sr VP & GM

  • Pete Lin

    Pete Lin, Regional Managing Director, North Asia / We Are Social

  • Rebecca Coleman

    Rebecca Coleman, President
    The Narrative Group

  • Stefano Maggi

    Stefano Maggi, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead EU Area
    We Are Social, Plus Company

  • EthanHays

    Ethan Hays, GM

  • Katie Muir

    Katie Muir, Managing director
    Middle Child

  • Akanksha Goel

    Akanksha Goel, Vice President and Regional Lead Middle East and India
    We Are Social, Plus Company

  • Jim Coleman

    Jim Coleman, Senior Vice President and Regional Lead UK and North America
    We Are Social, Plus Company

A global talent pool

Plus Company is 3,000 creative thinkers and makers working in more than 20 agencies that span five continents. 

This best-in-class talent pool was purpose built to help everything from late stage startups to established global brands accelerate their growth and define their category