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Benita Meswania joins as CPO from Droga5 and Nathan Oliver joins as CGO from Publicis Sapient

MONTREAL, March 10, 2022 – Plus Company, an alliance of over 20 creative, media, and PR agencies representing a new model for interagency teamwork, announces its new Executive Leadership Team. Founded in September 2021 with more than 3,000 employees, across 12 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, the Executive Leadership Team will work with the agency partners that will drive growth benefitting employees and clients.

“As we continue to grow, we have been looking for executives with global experience and broad capabilities to help our agencies be successful, particularly with their talent, their clients and with technology,” said CEO Brett Marchand. “With this, I’m thrilled to announce two outstanding new members of the Plus Company executive team, Benita Meswania and Nathan Oliver.”

Benita Meswania joins Plus Company as the Chief People Officer (CPO) as of March 1. In this role, Benita will oversee the company’s people strategy including working with agency talent leaders on recruitment, career development and engagement; lead their corporate Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DI&B) initiatives; and oversee the HR due diligence for acquisitions. Based in London, Benita joins Plus Company from Accenture Interactive where she was previously the Global HR Lead at Droga5. 

Nathan Oliver, joined the company as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) in November 2021. In this role, Nathan is responsible for driving forward the Plus Company brand as well as network level new business, while proactively partnering with clients to ensure they are successful at reimagining and transforming their business for the digital age. Based in San Francisco, Nathan joined Plus Company from Publicis Sapient, where he previously was the Global Business Development Lead. 

A results-driven global network of agencies with an illustrious brand portfolio across five continents, Plus Company’s approach challenges interagency rivalries to inspire a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration, growing partnerships organically through personal relationships, not corporate mandates.

“It is extremely exciting to be a part of this innovative model,” shared Meswania. “Fostering a culture that aligns with the business strategy is no small task and I look forward to rallying around the company’s ethos which focuses and invests in one of its most critical assets, its people.” 

With all these agencies coming together, it puts an assortment of knowledge and skills at clients’ fingertips by steering away from the typical “holding company” dynamic, positioning itself instead as a “propel company” giving each agency the space and support it needs to do its best work, rather than tightly controlling from above.

“We care about the scale of thinking and the creativity that we can collectively bring to our clients,” said Oliver. “The standard model for many holding companies is providing a scale of talent. We want to disrupt that and be able to provide a scale of ideas across our agencies that can create disruptive, authentic and meaningful interactions with our clients' and their customers.”

Additional Executive Leadership Team appointments include:

  • Martin Faucher has been named Chief Financial Officer (CFO), responsible for overseeing the financial operations of Plus Company including overseeing the shared Management Services Company (MSC) in North America, which works for the agencies while helping Plus Company drive increased profitability through synergies. 
  • He Shen has been named Chief Development Officer (CDO), working with agency leadership, the board of directors and integration teams to identify, attract and acquire world-class agencies to join the Plus Company family.

  • Sandra Giguere has been named General Counsel for Plus Company, responsible for providing the legal and governance advice to the company and to the board of directors, and has operational responsibility for corporate level contractual agreements.

  • Sharon Amster is being promoted to Chief of Staff for Plus Company, responsible for corporate-wide priorities and technology and data enabler initiatives in addition to supporting the CEO and corporate leadership team.

  • Michaël Girard is being promoted to CFO for Plus Company Americas (PCA) and Senior Vice-President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Plus Company International (PCI). Michaël oversees the financial reporting, audit and tax for all of Plus Company as well as leads shared services within PCA. 


About Plus Company

Plus Company, founded in 2021, is a 21st century alliance of best-in-class creative brands focused on collaboration and synergy through an integrated service model. With over 20 agencies that deliver creativity fueled by an innate understanding of culture, technology, and data. Plus Company agency brands include: We Are Social and its sister agencies, Socialize, Hello and Metta; fuseproject; All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), Camp Jefferson, Citizen Relations, Cossette, Cossette Media, Eleven, Gene Global, Impact Research, Jungle Media, K72, Level Eleven, Magnet, Middle Child, PathIQ, Septième, and The Narrative Group (TNG). Plus Company has more than 3,000 employees, across 12 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 



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